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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Earth Hour "I Will If You Will"

WHAT: Earth Hour
WHEN: March 31st 2012 8:30pm
WHERE: Everywhere in the world!
WHY: To help reduce the planet's energy usage... in turn saving mother nature!
HOW: For one hour wherever you are at 8:30pm this Saturday turn off all lights and unplug electronic devices.

If 100 people participate and tweet me a photo of your dark adventure I will send each of you a signed photo from my Playboy pictorial!

While it is important that you participate it's also important that you make it fun.
Some ideas of things you can do: Cook outside, go for a swim in the dark, candle lit family game night, prepare a raw vegan candlelit meal, or have friends over to host a candle lit clothing exchange. It would be great if you could host a party because it gets more people involved.

Chace and I will be having a candle lit raw vegan meal and might play a game or add to our inspiration board.

Aside from Earth Hour it is important to take care of our planet every day. Here are some tips below, also be sure to watch my YouTube video for more tips.

  1. Recycle (well duh) But also when buying products try and choose those without as much packaging, or that have recyclable packaging. If you have a garden use your leftover food scraps for compost. Your soil will be happy!
  2. Reuse: A lot of the containers I buy I end up washing and throwing other things into them.
  3. Buy in bulk. Try and shop in the bulk section to reduce packaging. I love buying almonds, dried fruit, spelt flour, coconut sugar, flax seeds and all sorts of other things from the Bulk Section at health food stores. This way I save money and I can place all of these items in glass jars or tins that were once used held another product.
  4. Choose Organic. Organics are chemical free & all natural this means its healthier for you and the planet.
  5. Shop locally. I try and shop at farmers markets. Its fun, supports the local economy, you can find unique items that aren't typically available in a supermarket, food is fresher, and large trucks aren't driving it around polluting the earth so it can be delivered to you.
  6. Use your own canvas bag. If you must: choose paper; plastic bags end up in landfills and do not ever absorb into the earth. 
  7. Don't buy greeting cards. People read them and throw them away a few days later. Why not create your loved ones something more sentimental like a frame, pillow, candle, or plate. 
  8. Give gifts in reusable bags. Adds a little bit more value to the gift also! 
  9. Buy organic/natural beauty products. If this idea seems new to you then look up the ingredients on your beauty products, lots of them cause cancer and most are bad for the environment.
  10. Plant trees
  11. Use alternative transportation. Bikes, subways, walk, carpool.
  12. Maximize your gas mileage by getting the proper tires, changing your oil, and if you can afford it switching your car that gets a better MPG at best it would be an electric or hybrid vehicle. 
  13. Switch your animals food to organic and use biodegradable cat litter. 
Hope some of these help!

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