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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Beauty Means to Me

Beauty is an energy that special people project toward the outside world. It has no limits and can’t be defined by a physical shape, hair color, or facial feature. Beauty is not a tangible good, cannot be bought or fit into a box. Beauty isn’t simply what you see in a mirror, it is who you are. Do you remember meeting your best friend for the first time? There was probably something you couldn’t pinpoint that drew you to them. He or she light up the room and radiated confidence. These types of people embrace what they have, accept who they are, appreciate what they have been given, and work towards becoming the best version of themselves. They have made the choice to be beautiful. I made this decision two years ago while I was at a casting and told I was to curvy for the part, mind you I am a size 0. Naturally this upset me and I called my agency in tears. My agent said, “don’t worry, this client was seeking a different look and the right opportunity will come to you soon.” I needed that reality check, I can’t be who everyone wants me to be all of the time without losing myself. At that point I decided I needed a mental and physical makeover. I outlined a plan inspired by an acronym I once heard, LEAF, Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Food. First, I adopted a socially responsible lifestyle by volunteering for organizations such as Feeding America, Equality California, and now the California Right to Know campaign. I started recycling and reducing my carbon footprint. The hardest part was swapping my old beauty product favorites for new natural color cosmetic and skin care alternatives. Second, I took up yoga, pilates, hiking and dance. These types of exercises reduce stress, build strength, encourage me to connect with nature, and make me smile. Third, I started a mental makeover by incorporating positive affirmations and meditations into my daily routine. I keep a notepad on my nightstand and before I go to sleep I write the affirmation and repeat in in my head. In the morning I read the affirmation again and say it in front of my mirror. Repetition adds power to what I am trying to achieve. I also write them on my calendar in my kitchen, set them as reminders in my phone, and I have positive words on refrigerator magnets and on my phone background. Some of my favorite affirmations are “I uplift everyone I meet,” and “Every thought I think is creating my future.” Lastly I changed what I ate to a whole foods, organic, vitamin and enzyme rich diet. I consume a lot of raw leafy green vegetables, fruit, grains like quinoa, healthy fats like avocado, and lean protein like fish and chicken. It is also important to stay hydrated. I feel that what I put into my body gives me the energy to project a beautiful personality which attracts other positive people to me. I also enjoy taking care of my skin to prep the “canvas” for what I will create with color cosmetics. I love getting creative with color cosmetics but most of the time I use make up sparingly to enhance my natural beauty. Occasionally I’ll do something different like a  purple smoky eye, or pink lip. Fragrance is another thing I like to add because I think it helps express my personality and is my “mood ring” to others. All of these things I do make me happy internally and help me project my best self to the world. Beauty is accepting that you are a unique individual and choosing to be confident.