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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Megan Fox Inspired Lips

Hello glamourpusses ;]

So for my first make up tutorial I wanted to start with my every day basic look. This look was inspired by pictures Megan Fox put on her Facebook yesterday. She has a very full lip so I also show you how to create that in my video.


For my base make up I used the Temptu Airbrush make up system. I will show how to use this fun gadget in my base make up tutorial for  tomorrow.
Foundation: Temptu 08 Honey
Concealer: Clea De Peu Beaute in Ocher
Blush: Temptu Soft Peach
Bronzer/Contour: Smashbox Contour Kit
Highlight: Temptu Pink Pearl

1.I started by brushing my full lid with a matte creme shadow (Too Faced Heaven)
2.Then I went in with a luminous light gold all over my bottom lid (From a sephora palette)
3.I took a sparkly yellow gold from my inner corner to my mid bottom lid.
4. I then used the same sparkly yellow gold underneath my bottom lash line. (Also from a sephora palette)
5.After I layered Giorgio Armani's "Maestro" Eyeshadow toward the lower bottom lid, and underneath my lash line on the outer corner.
6. Lastly I used a dark brown in my crease (From Dior's "Beige Massai" Palette) then blended it out with Giorgio Armani "Maestro" again.

Before eyeliner goes on I curl my lashes w/ a Shu Uemura Eyelash curler.

For liner I used Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black.
1.First I used a brush to fill in my upper lash water line. This can be tricky and you can easily poke your eye out, so I will do a tutorial on this step specifically. If you can achieve this without hurting yourself, I suggest you do it because it will give you the appearance of thick lashes.
2.Then I used an angle brush to line the top of my eye, thinly, and carried it out just a tad past my eye to create a cat type look.
3.Lastly I used what was left on my eyeliner brush to fill in my lower waterline. I used barely any liner and did not let it touch my lower lash line.

I curled my lashes before I put my liner on because I think its easier to access the top line that way.

1.I put Loreal's Collagen Mascara in Blackest Black on the inside of my lashes. (The side that is closest to your lid) This may seem difficult but, if you can get it on there it makes your lashes look more like falsies.
2.Then I coated them with Lancome's Hypnose Drama in Black for added length and volume.

1. I prepped my lips by exfoliating them with a wet wash cloth.
2. Then I overdrew my top lip and lined them with NARS Nude Lip Liner in "Fantasia"
3. To top it off I used my finger to lightly apply Burts Bee's Lip Shimmer in "Rhubarb"

Ta da! Your off for the day :]

INSPIRATION: Megan Fox's Facebook Photo

A few pics of the Final Look:


  1. In the future please don't try and look like Megan. In your natural state you are far more beautiful than Megan can ever hope to be so please don't make yourself look worse than you do by trying to look like her. If anything she should be trying to look like you!!!

  2. Do whatever you like, don't listen to nobody. The people are going to like you becase your yourself, and the people that don't like you "you can live without them". Bye

    p.s. sorry for my english not so good :D