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Friday, July 8, 2011

Starting at the base! SKIN

I always always get asked what products I use for all sorts of things, but I am going to start first with the base underneath everything... YOUR SKIN!

You really cannot get that glowy look without being adamant about the way you take care of your skin. Make up can only do so much.

#1 Celebrities get so many facial treatments and have access to so many things we cannot afford, so do not beat yourself up if your skin does not in any way shape or form resemble Jessica Alba's.

#2 Everyone's skin is different. My skin care routine is going to be much much different than someone with oily, or acne prone skin.

#3 Soo many factors play into the way your skin acts. Such as age, environment, genetics, and hormone levels.

#4 What goes in... must come out. What you put into your body doesn't just affect your belly and thighs.. It comes out of your pores too.

#5 There is so many advantages in going with high quality products, but there is now some great affordable lines out there.

OK so think of your skin as an onion for a minute.. well except for the awful smell. What I am trying to do is give you a Shrek analogy. There is so many layers that must be cared for in different ways.

Your diet! Diets that are high in bad fats and artificial ingredients can put extra stress on acne prone individuals.. (Hence, the name pizza face) But diets that are high in good fats, make your skin extra extra glowy!
You can find these good fats in supplements, Omega 3 fish oils or Flax Oil, in your food Olive Oil, Fish, Coconut oil, Hemp meal, or... Both!
Another thing that I have been plagued with my entire life is awful dark circles. This is due to genetics, allergies, being anemic, never getting enough sleep, dehydration and lack of phytonutrients.
So if I take my medicines, supplement the iron my body is lacking, get great beauty rest, drink enough water, and eat lots of greens I am fine....... YEA IN A PERFECT WORLD!
But for those times I cannot do this... 99% of the time, there is a great trick that I have found to help temporarily perk up my tired eyes. I'll list this later...

To uncover another layer of your onion, we will talk about the most simple basic beginning step to everyones skin care routine. Cleaning your pores. I have very normal/combination skin and really love the feeling of a deep clean without my skin drying or flaking off.
If I am wearing make up that day, the first thing I do to get clean is remove it with a make up wipe. I get these at Costco, but I also know MAC, and L'Oreal make great face wipes also.
I know this seems like the only step you would have to take to clean your face, but this is untrue.
It is important to first wipe off your make up to clean the surface, so your cleanser can penetrate deep into your pores to remove impurities.
Moving on, after I remove make up I then use CHANEL's Gel Purete Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser $45 at Nordstrom.
If you have sensitive skin another favorite of mine is Kate Sommerville's Gentle Daily Wash $42 at Nordstrom's and some Sephora's. Philosophy Purity is also a great basic one, that wont over dry your skin. About 2-3 times a week a use a face wash with Glycolic Acid. Glycolic is great because it opens your pores, helping them absorb ingredients in your serum or moisturizer. Glycolic also is great for controlling oil, lightening dark spots, and chemically exfoliating skin (great for anti aging.) I don't use it every day because it can strip your face of essential moisture. I love Peter Thomas Roth's Anti Aging Cleansing Gel with Glycolic Acid.  Everything can be bought at Nordstrom, and some things at Sephora.

Toners are typically used as a step following your cleansing routine to finish cleaning what your cleanser did not, and also to pH balance your skin. I don't really need a toner because my skin can get dry (and the alcohol in toners makes this worse) I use a spray that refreshes my skin and puts back in some essential oils to it. It is Organic Rose Water from any Henry's, Whole Foods or Sprout's. This is sometimes in the vitamin section. I decided to do this because toner's would often times advertise that they included rose water, so I just decided to put that directly on my face.... seems to be working and it is a hell of a lot cheaper than adding another expensive item. It also doubles to help set your make up, and is great to spritz on your face throughout the day. At a whopping $3.86 I love this guy.
Or order here...

Now for another layer... SERUM

This step can be skipped but, can be important for any special needs. Serums are concentrated formulas used to address a certain concern. Here is where your skin type really comes in to play, any concerns you have about your skin should be addressed with serum. I am most concerned with protecting my skin from the future. The thought of having wrinkles someday really freaks me out, so I use a multi vitamin/ antioxidant serum to fight free radicals, create radiance, even tone, and prevent future aging: Kate Sommerville Multi Vitamin Serum. On days when I feel my face looks dry and dull, I switch to a serum that is anti aging and moisturizing: Lancome Genefique Youth Activating Serum. Using a Glycolic cleanser helps open up your pores, so serums like these can easily be soaked in! Like I said Serum can be skipped if you don't have any special concerns or acne prone skin. Both can be bought at Nordstrom and Sephora.


This is my favorite layer. I have very dry skin and love love when my skin is moisturized. I am constantly trying new face lotions, and alternate them depending on the season. 

-It is important that your moisturizer actually moisturizes your skin. Even if you have acne prone skin, too many drying products can actually make you break out more! (Because your skin cracks, flakes and bacteria can get trapped behind it) Moisturizers with Shea Butter, and Rose oil are my favorites but oil-free options can also be great. I love Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream in Fall/Winter. ($45 at Whole Foods)

-It is great if your moisturizer has peptides (amino acids that help your skin produce collagen), vitamin C (helps fight free radicals and creates luminosity), or anti aging sea minerals. Although you shouldn't get to crazy with the technical stuff. Serums are meant to go deep into skin, moisturizer sits on the outer layer; serums are more effective with skin concerns that moisturizers are. A peptide rich moisturizer that is good year round is Kate Sommerville Nourish Daily Moisturizer, light and refreshing! (At Nordstrom and Sephora) Also a great inexpensive option for a Vitamin C Moisturizer is Avalon Organics Vitamin C Moisturizer can be purchased at any natural foods store, or Target.

-SPF is essential for everyday protection. It helps prevent lines, age spots, uneven tone, and makes sure that current damage doesn't get worse. SPF 15 is perfect if you don't burn in the sun, but if you have light skin go with a heavier SPF. If your favorite moisturizer doesn't have SPF, you can layer a sunscreen serum on top of your moisturizer, Like Kate Sommerville SPF 55 sunscreen serum. (Sephora, Nordstrom) A great moisturizer with SPF is L'Occtaine Shea Butter Moisturizing Fluid with SPF 20, $35 at Nordstrom and Sephora. 

-Night creme! When you sleep your skin is repairing and creating new skin cells. I wear a heavier moisturizer at night, the same one I wear during the day in colder months, to wake up glowing. Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream is my favorite face cream ever. Don't let the "day cream" fool you it is thick enough for night too! This is a favorite of a very glowy celeb, J.Lo! Buy this at Whole Foods :] 

-THE CREAM OF THE CROP! If you can afford it (and I certainly cannot) Creme De La Mer is the best best moisturizer I have ever experienced. Almost every celebrity swears by this stuff and for good reason. The sea minerals do wonders for anti aging, luminosity, and acne prone skin. It is very thick but you must first warm it up in your hand then apply for supple glowy (not oily) skin. This is perfect for day and night. $250 at Nordstrom and Saks. 

-The nipples of the face! EYES (House Bunny Quote)
As I mentioned earlier I have been plagued with dark circles, and I know why. Unfortunately as a model, and business woman I am always on the go and don't get much sleep. I have tried about every eye cream, and serum there is out there and nothing has made a significant difference. (If you know of something please let me know!) Currently I am just using one that I find very hydrating, Dior Hydra Life  eye cream (Sephora, Nordstrom) 
*TRICK! I do have a trick that you can do with your eye cream that helps wake up tired eyes. I keep my eye cream in the refrigerator. Cool eye cream under the eyes help refresh, and de puff tired eyes. 

I hope some of these product suggestions and fun facts help you get your glow on. :]

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